Everything begins with employee selection


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Looking for an employee?

We can help you find an employee for whom you won't have to find a replacement! We can even find employee from outside the European Union for you. A third country national (i.e. non EU citizen) planning to work, do business or study in Slovakia may be granted a temporary residence and we can help you with the whole legislation process.

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Are you looking for a temporary employee?

We can provide you with employees for any length of time. Best of all, there is no administrative burden for you.

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Need some advice?

We're ready to help you in any area of human resources. It's our area of expertise.

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Looking for an employee?


Our approach:

Workplace analysis

We have a specialized approach to selecting employees. First we visit the workplace and conduct a thorough review of the environment. We want to know exactly who we are looking for.

Your expectations

We're interested in your expectations. These expectations combined with workplace analysis provide us with a precise overview of the selection criteria.


The best candidates are often times hidden. We know where to look for them. We use personal references, on-line tools and often actively recruit in companies.


Leave the initial selection up to us. We'll meet with candidates in person and evaluate them using psychological tests or assign them a test task.


We certainly do not undervalue motivation. A new job has to excite the candidate. We evaluate the level of their references, which are always verified. If needed, we also invite a professional from the given area of specialization into the evaluation process.


We compile detailed profiles of the best candidates which we then present to you. These profiles include a short conclusion, a presentation video and a CV.

Face-to-face meeting

Candidates are then invited for a face-to-face meeting. We gather immediate feedback from you and the candidate. First impressions and feelings immediately after this meeting are incredibly valuable.

Final decision

The next step is to select your new employee. We make a joint decision on the best candidate for you.

Adaptation monitoring

We maintain contact with your new employee on a regular basis to gather feedback about the employee's adaptation to their new environment. We create a relationship based on trust as we have found that this helps us to successfully prevent potential complications in the process of adapting.

Our approach

No unnecessary consultants

We guarantee an individualized approach from a single professional throughout the entire project.

Satisfaction guarantee

You only pay once the employee has settled in at your company. We don't recommend candidates who won't make it through the probationary period.

More than your criteria

Your selection criteria are important to us. We also consider the motivation of the candidates themselves in the context of their new environment.

Long-term relationship

We are looking for clients for cooperation over the long-term. This is the reason why the short-term is never the primary focus when selecting employees.

Do you only need a temporary employee?


We'd be happy to help you with temporary staffing to meet your workforce needs if your company has won a huge project or if you've seen a tremendous increase in production volumes. Our agency employs professionals from various sectors, making it the easy choice for you.

No administration

You don't have to maintain payroll records, you don't have to make mandatory insurance payments and you don't have to worry about giving notices to terminate employment. You have no responsibility for administrative issues. Employees are employed by our agency and we take responsibility for all that employment entails.

Our supervision

We assign a personal coordinator to every client who assumes responsibility for employees.

Temporary jobs

Our database has an extensive list of potential temporary workers. We're able to select those that meet your exact criteria.

Need some advice?


We've got a clear grasp of human resources. We'd be happy to assist you with:

Analysis into remuneration and the labour market

Creating your organizational structure

Configuration of your internal communication and corporate culture

Obtaining feedback from employees


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Slovenská národná knižnica

„On behalf of the Slovak National Library, I would like to acknowledge the professionalism and quality of service of personnel agency PRAMA s.r.o.. The Library will be happy to continue this cooperation also in the future.“

— Ing. Katarína Krištofová, PhD., generálna riaditeľka SNK

Reference letter


„“PRAMA s.r.o. is able to supply a larger number of suitable applicants than its competing partners in the Slovak Republic we cooperate with “

— Monika Seufert, Recruitment Management

Reference letter

Tatry mountain resorts, a.s.

„I currently hold the position of director of a 4 ⃰ Grand Hotel at Jasná. As from the first round, PRAMA s.r.o. was able to clearly identify my professional potential.“

— Mgr. Peter Bednarčík, Riaditeľ prevádzky hotelov Wellness Hotel Grand ⃰ ⃰ ⃰ ⃰ Jasná Luxusné Chalety ⃰ ⃰ ⃰ ⃰ Jasná

Reference letter


„We will certainly consult the most important personnel-related issues with the company also in the future.“

— Ing. Alena Viteková, HR špecialist

Reference letter

ENGO, s.r.o.

„For several years now, we have drawn on the pool of temporary workers supplied by PRAMA s.r.o. It is sufficient to call just one day in advance. We can rely on them 7 days a week.“

— Iveta Rothová

Reference letter


„We tried for a long time to find a reliable supplier of personnel services. The staff of PRAMA s.r.o. have the necessary expertise for assessing the personality profile of job applicants.“

— JUDr. Ingrid Blaškovičová, konateľka a obchodná riaditeľka

Reference letter

Viena international s.r.o.

„We recommend PRAMA s.r.o. as a reliable temporary-work agency. Our cooperation has been going on for two years.“

— Viliam Kováč, HR Department Manager

Reference letter


„They helped us fill job openings in our various operations throughout the Slovak Republic.“

— Andrea Šottníková, HR manažér

Reference letter

HMH s.r.o.

„PRAMA s.r.o. gained insight into the highly technological focus of our company, HMH s.r.o., and swiftly got the grasp of the situation on the market. We are confident that through our cooperation we will discover more talents also in the future.“

— Anka Laslopová, Office Manager

Reference letter

abiX s.r.o.

„We received positive references about the company PRAMA s.r.o. from our business partners. Miroslava Dobríková, Director of PRAMA s.r.o., supervised job interviews and, based on her advice, we decided to recruit one of two final candidates.“

— Radoslav Janček, konateľ

Reference letter

Hotel Srdce Beskyd

„The company helped us design the organisational structure of our hotel and gave us valuable advice concerning the staffing policy on which we still draw.“

— Miroslav Bízik, majiteľ

Reference letter

WOODCOTE Slovakia, s.r.o.

„All meetings with Miss Dobrikova were conducted on the high level, with the professional way, they were objective and correct.“

— Ing. Pavol Tokoš Purchase Manager

Reference letter

About us


Who we are: We are a company focused on professional consulting services and specialized in selecting employees. We've successfully deployed our methodology over many years and we've successfully completed many projects. We hold the following licenses: License to broker employment as a paid service, License to conduct activities as a temporary employment agency.

Where we excel:

We build partnership with our clients that covers the creation of strategies to find innovative solutions within human resources management.

Keys to our success:

Our experience allows us to focus on large projects in a responsible manner. We remain small and flexible enough to provide an individualized approach, which is often difficult to find in larger companies.


We're active across Slovakia with branch offices in Bratislava and Martin.

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